VIP Lunch Service… Downtown Toronto

There’s a new service available downtown Toronto called FEAST. FEAST is an online, self order, lunch service that gets delivered straight to your office building (check service area).
The app is only available to the Apple (iOs) platform and I hope that they develop an Android version soon. The menu is not extensive and offers 3-4 items daily, which makes it easy for the user to decide what to get. The items are crafted by an executive chef and the FEAST team. They range from $8-$12 typically. Read More

What’s with all this Flat Earth talk lol?

The last few days over social media, I’ve noticed in the trending section, a lot of people talking about their belief of the earth being flat. It’s  been mostly celebrities…well two that i know of at least. First it started when i searched what was trending one night, a few weeks ago, and i saw Tila Tequila was tweeting away. Read More lol

4K TV Live Broadcast Review

Those that know me best know that I am a technology geek. I believe I get it from my father who for as long as I can remember was always up on new technology and to the remiss of my mother filled the house with gizmos and gadgets. It was regular place to be waking up on a Saturday morning walking into my dads room, there he was blaring his Al Green CD on his fancy new audio system trying to put together a computer he was making out of spare parts. I can say that I have been lucky throughout the years to be an early adopter to many of the new technologies that have come our way. For heavens sake I still have HD DVD’s and an HD DVD player lying somewhere around the house. Read More