Making Whisky @ Home with mini Oak Barrel

So… in all my reading up on different Whiskies and their processes the last few months, I came across websites that sell mini oak barrels to age your own Whisky. The barrels come in a variety of sizes (1L, 2L, 5L, 10L etc). The smaller the barrel, the quicker it ages.

A lot of the websites i found were from the USA, they mention to use un-aged white Whiskey, or “Moonshine”. The problem here in Ontario is they don’t sell that at our local Liquor Store. I was able to find 1 brand of “moonshine” called Georgia Moon, but the reviews i read online weren’t so hot. The other option you have is to use neutral flavoured Vodka. I did use Vodka for my first “batch” which is about 1 month in. But i really wanted to find a legal way of using straight un-aged white Whisky, and making it the “real” way.

So off to Google i went to search for where in Ontario i could find it. I found an article from the Toronto Star, dating back to 2013 about a local Distillery in Toronto called – The Toronto Distillery Company.

I searched the site and not only do they sell various different Single Grain Whiskies, but they are all Ontario grown ingredients, and also all organic, how cool is that?

They sell a 1L & 2L American Oak Barrel, and they explain how many bottles of the whisky of your choice you will need, depending on the size of barrel.

I picked up the 1 L barrel and its only about a week in. You do have to “cure” the barrel by filling it with water for 2-5 days so the wood expands and seals itself. After doing that i have no leaks whatsoever.

I picked their organic Rye and i guess i’ll check it out in a month for the first taste test.

DSCF3314 DSCF3315 DSCF3317

Stay Tuned.

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