Baby Photos on Facebook, be Cool Bros

You get home from work, or school, or wherever. You grab a beer from the fridge, find the remote between the couch cushions, sit down, take that first sip of beer, grab your smartphone, open Facebook and…..

Dudes, some of you may already have children, some of you may not, if you do not, I hope this blog post reaches you before you do.

We all know the posts I’m talking about. Your friends from high school had a kid, we get it…its exciting, I’ll definitely post those first few pics too…But after the first few pics, theirs not much happening boys and girls…kids just a potato for the next few months.

I get it though, i mean you want your family and close friends to see the new baby, if they managed to figure out Facebook I’m sure they figured out their emails too.

The kid started crawling, sh*t! excitement is allowed! go nuts and post away, we get it. Oh, whats up? the kids crawling differently than he did 2 days ago?


Once the kid starts walking then its reason to celebrate, kid’ll be walking forever now, from this point on, the rules should be Christmas and Birthdays.

Hats off to the people who do realize not everyone on Facebook wants to see the kid eating a melon. We got mad love for ya

reading over all of this seems harsh, but, believe it or not…theres a lot of people on your Facebook friends list who are totally thinking this but would never say it.

We get it, its new and exciting, stay cool tho bros.

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