What’s with all this Flat Earth talk lol?

The last few days over social media, I’ve noticed in the trending section, a lot of people talking about their belief of the earth being flat. It’s  been mostly celebrities…well two that i know of at least. First it started when i searched what was trending one night, a few weeks ago, and i saw Tila Tequila was tweeting away.

BTW as i’m typing this, I’m scrolling thought her twitter feed on my web browser to try and find the tweets i wanna post in this blog, and this girl tweets way to f*cking much… I’ve been scrolling for 2 minutes and its only moved 2 days. Today is January 26th, the tweet I’m looking for is from January 6th. If I had that much free time, i wouldn’t be typing crazy shit on Twitter…. But please…do yourself a favour and check out her twitter… no really…please… DO IT!!

This girl is on some next level drugs man… next level stuff..

okay i found some…

this one was pretty awesome too…

But it’s cool because she recently tweeted that she’s an Astrophysicist

Oh and she also thinks she’s a Robot….

among other things, she thinks she’s an experiment NASA is conducting… i dunno… check it out yourself…

Then B.O.B gets involved this week.

I’m about to crash for the night, and i check twitter and see B.O.B is trending… I’m like cool.. maybe he has a new song out… i check it out and i was right, there is a new song… but then it says it’s a diss track about everyones favourite Astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson.

Now, I’m sure everyone’s had some strong stuff at some point in their life… but who the heck is B.O.B’s dealer??

I’ll just post a couple because there’s a lot… just check them out… i mean his tweets seemed way less crazy than Tila Tequila …but… still….

Thankfully Neil deGrasse Tyson got involved on Twitter

someone made a Back2Back by Drake style diss track LOL

Anyway, it was definitely fun to read…. if you got some free time and are bored… maybe search up all the twitter feeds…it was good stuff..

Maybe it was a way of getting some free publicity… who knows….but damn…people get a little fame and now they’re scientists….

some of them are saying NASA’s photos are all CGI that show the earth is round, and prove it with a photo of it “unedited” or highlighting the clouds to “show” that the clouds are duplicated across the image in various spots…but…. can’t that be photoshopped as well? lol i dunno… worth a laugh for sure.


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