VIP Lunch Service… Downtown Toronto

There’s a new service available downtown Toronto called FEAST. FEAST is an online, self order, lunch service that gets delivered straight to your office building (check service area).
The app is only available to the Apple (iOs) platform and I hope that they develop an Android version soon. The menu is not extensive and offers 3-4 items daily, which makes it easy for the user to decide what to get. The items are crafted by an executive chef and the FEAST team. They range from $8-$12 typically.

Today’s feature was a shaved roast beef Sandwich…


It looked good online and guess what?.. it did not disappoint. The beef was a little over done but considering the logistics in getting roast beef across downtown Toronto in January, I did not mind it at all. It was still tender and flavorful. The beef was nestled on a sesame bun that was firm enough to hold its contents. It also has lettuce, a beat salsa (I think) and caramelized onions. The sandwich was wrapped in fancy butcher paper and kept its shape during the transport.  An overall 4.75 out of 5 for flavor…


Now to the Apple App.. Fairly intuitive, you pick an item go to the check out, place your telephone number and credit card number in there and your done! A text message is sent to you when your lunch is on the way and another text message is sent to you when the delivery person arrives at your building which is pretty cool! They ride around Toronto in an old school ice cream delivery bicycle cart. You definitely will not miss them:

Delivery (credit

Overall I was quite impressed with the taste and service offered. It was quick and simple! Right now they are doing a promo of $10 off and free delivery! I paid $2 for a gourmet sandwich today and I am excited about it.

I think that this will catch on.. Pending the cost of delivery is not too high. I definitely think that you need to check it out.. here is their website…


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