Toronto Whisky History, Gooderham & Worts and The Distillery District also Hiram Walker

In this Podcast I’ll just be quickly going over a brief history of whisky in Toronto and Southern Ontario. Mentioning two of Canada’s bigger distilleries in the 1800’s and 1900’s, Gooderham & Worts in the Distillery District in Toronto, and Hiram Walker, the founder of Canadian Club.

Podcast #1

In our first Podcast, we talk briefly about why we started this, along with Gios Mic rig. This weekend being Super Bowl weekend, the guys get into some of the silly prop picks, Johnny Football, Uber vs Toronto, NBA All Star weekend coming up in Toronto. Be sure to Subscribe on whichever Podcast service you use.


Bell Lets Talk – Mental Health Awareness


Bell Lets Talk is an initiative started about six years ago to end the stigma surrounding the discussion of mental health. It takes place once a year, January 27th 2016 being the most recent edition. It was a pleasure to see millions of people on twitter through text and on Facebook supporting such a noble cause. The one problem and the reason why this post is being posted a week later is because mental health is something that should be discussed year round and not just one day throughout the year.

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