(2/2) NBA Playoffs, Toronto Raptors, Steph Curry & Kobe, Sports Colours & Bob Ross, CRA Scam, Parking Lot Scams

:45 Nba playoff ticket prices. 8:05 Steph curry is making jerome upset. 11:20 Kobe Bryant. 18:00 Sports team colours and Bob Ross. 23:30 Jeromes story about the CRA Scam. 29:40 Parking lot Scams. 35:40 Still thinking of Shaun, and lastly sad Ben Affleck

(1/2) Toronto Blue Jays, Rogers Sportsnet Channel Distribution, Rogers NHL Coverage, Kadri Contract, Blue Jays Future w/ Bautista & Encarnacion, People vs OJ, Jeromes Los Angeles Hertz Story

Missing Shaun…baby… 3:10 Blue Jays. 4:00 Rogers Sportsnet Channel Distribution. 8:40 Rogers NHL coverage & how we feel about the Leafs Kadri contract. 11:50 Blue Jays future with Bautista and Encarnacion to Boston. 15:40 Pablo Sandoval and his belt. 19:50 Athletes after retirement. 22:40 People vs OJ. 27:00 Jeromes Los Angeles Hertz story. 36:00 Giving Directions.