2/2 Muhammad Ali, Prince, Gordie Howe, Impact of The Internet For a Greater Good, Has The Internet Made us Lazy?

:40 The Passing of Muhammad Ali, Prince and Gordie Howe. Who’s passing had more of an impact on us? 8:30 The greatness and uniqueness that was Muhammad Ali. 13:15 Where is the “Jesus” of today? Who in todays world is fighting for a good cause? 29:50 Brock Turner the Rapist and the BS around his trial.

1/2 Harambe the Gorilla & Why Still Have Zoos? Shooting of Candice Rochelle Bobb, Stealth Mode Traffic Cops, Copa America vs Euro Cup

8:20 why do we still have zoos? The shooting of Harambe the Gorilla. 19:35 The shooting death of Candice Rochelle Bobb and her unborn child. 23:00 What’s the deal with stealth mode traffic police hiding behind bushes to catch you speeding? 30:20 Why doesn’t Copa America get the same publicity as Euro Cup?