Shaun Is Back, Job Interviews, Toronto Road Rage vs Taxi, Toronto Raptors, Chris Colabello & PED use, Toronto Maple Leafs Win Draft Lottery

:35 Shaun is back!!  5:00 Job interviews can be a little misleading… 11:50 Toronto Road Rage with Toronto Cabs. 20:00 Toronto Raptors Playoffs vs Miami, Is Derozan Leaving to L.A? 35:40 Chris Colabello and PED use. 51:20 Toronto Maple Leafs win the Draft Lottery!

(2/2) NBA Playoffs, Toronto Raptors, Steph Curry & Kobe, Sports Colours & Bob Ross, CRA Scam, Parking Lot Scams

:45 Nba playoff ticket prices. 8:05 Steph curry is making jerome upset. 11:20 Kobe Bryant. 18:00 Sports team colours and Bob Ross. 23:30 Jeromes story about the CRA Scam. 29:40 Parking lot Scams. 35:40 Still thinking of Shaun, and lastly sad Ben Affleck

(1/2) Toronto Blue Jays, Rogers Sportsnet Channel Distribution, Rogers NHL Coverage, Kadri Contract, Blue Jays Future w/ Bautista & Encarnacion, People vs OJ, Jeromes Los Angeles Hertz Story

Missing Shaun…baby… 3:10 Blue Jays. 4:00 Rogers Sportsnet Channel Distribution. 8:40 Rogers NHL coverage & how we feel about the Leafs Kadri contract. 11:50 Blue Jays future with Bautista and Encarnacion to Boston. 15:40 Pablo Sandoval and his belt. 19:50 Athletes after retirement. 22:40 People vs OJ. 27:00 Jeromes Los Angeles Hertz story. 36:00 Giving Directions.

Hatred Over Social Media, Send Love & Not Hate

This past weekend was the Easter long weekend, and yesterday was Easter Sunday. WAIT before you click away, this post doesn’t have anything to do with that… i’m just telling you what day it is…

This post is gonna be about some simple observations I’ve made over the last week or so, to be specific, it’s about the amount of hatred I’ve seen over social media lately… it really sickens me and its quite saddening. But one thing made me happy, it’ll be last like every “happy ending” at the end.

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Telecom & Cable Companies in Ontario / The People vs OJ Simpson / International Womens Day / BC Mayor Same Suit 15 Months to Prove Double Standards Women Face / Kim Kardashian & Sharon Osbourne Nude Photo

2:40 Apple vs Android. 4:00 Telecom & Cable companies and “light basic cable packages”. 6:30 The People VS OJ Simpson. 19:15 International Womens Day. 25:50 BC mayor wears same suit for 15 months to prove double standards women face. 29:50 Kim Kardashian  & Sharon Osbourne Nude Photo.


Goose Gossage on Baseball, Jose Bautista & Bryce Harper / TTC & Transit around Toronto / Flossie Dickey / Free Education in Ontario / Dentists & Dental Coverage / Donald Trump (Drumpf)

1:10 Dentists & Dental Coverage. 8:30 Free education in Ontario for Low Income Families. 24:30 TTC and Transit around Toronto. 32:10 Goose Gossage or Catfish Hunter? on Jose Bautista & Bryce Harper. 35:30 Is Goose Gossage Flossie Dickey?? 42:40 Sam Dyson. 45:20 Donald Drumpf and Small Hands.

(credit TSN for interview clip w/Gossage)


NBA All-Star Weekend in Toronto / Blue Jays Spring Training , Jose Bautista & Edwin Encarnacion / Canadian International Auto Show / The People vs OJ & Possible Conspiracy?

2:50 NBA All Star Weekend in Toronto & the lack of Toronto Raptors coverage on TV. 12:10 Toronto Blue Jays Spring Training & Jose Bautista. 21:30-22:50 Gio fixing his microphone. 24:20 Edwin Encarnacion. 31:15 Canadian International Auto Show. 36:40 Anger Management. 38:10 The People vs OJ. 41:00 OJ’s eldest son conspiracy. 44:30 Why so much Kardashian coverage?